Are you using Zabbix and trying to add hosts in it? We can help you with it.

Basically, a Zabbix host can be anything from a physical or virtual server to a network switch.

At Bobcares, we often get requests to add hosts to Zabbix, as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s see how our Support Engineers add hosts in Zabbix.


A quick look on Zabbix

Zabbix is a monitoring software tool. We use it to monitor the parameters of the network, the health of servers, etc.

Also, Zabbix has a flexible notification mechanism. Therefore, it allows users to set up email alerts on any event.

In addition, the web-based frontend makes monitoring much easier.


How to add hosts in Zabbix?

A Zabbix host is any network device that we intend to monitor, with IP/DNS.

Usually, Zabbix adds hosts in two ways. One by scanning the network and adding the hosts in the server automatically. On the other hand, adding the host manually.

Let’s see how our Support Engineers manually add new hosts to Zabbix.


Add Linux hosts to Zabbix

Now, let’s have a look at how to add a host to Zabbix in Linux.

1. Firstly, we access the Zabbix admin panel.

2. Here, in the Configuration menu, we select the tab “Hosts“.

3. Next, we click the tab Create host. This opens up a host config form. And this appears as,

Zabbix how to add hosts.

4. After that we add the necessary details like:

  • Hostname – which is the name of the remote host.
  • Group – Usually, we select one or more groups from the list. Because access permissions are only available for groups not for hosts.
  • IP address – This is the IP of the host. We should update in the Zabbix agent config file server directives.

5. After entering the details, next, we select the template. For instance, a template has a set of entities already defined to reduce the monitoring efforts. However, a server can use an already existing template or add a new one.

6. Later, select the option Add link and save it.

Finally, the newly added host is present in the Zabbix monitoring system.


Add Windows hosts to Zabbix

Similarly, let’s see how our Support Engineers add a Windows host.

Initially, we access the Zabbix web browser panel.

And we navigate as Configuration >> Hosts >> Create host. Here we add the listed details.

But there is one parameter we consider. That is the hostname.

In Windows, this hostname must the same as that specified in the Zabbix agent config file.

Thereafter, we specify the other details. Later select a template and add it.


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So far, we saw how to add hosts to the Zabbix monitoring system. By adding new hosts, we can easily monitor this via the web bases control panel. We saw how our Support Engineers add hosts in Windows and Linux platforms.


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