Frustrated with Zabbix 113  no route to host error? We can help you fix it.

In general, Zabbix 113 no route to host error is mainly related to the firewall.

At Bobcares, we often get requests to fix Zabbix errors, as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s see how our Support Engineers fix this Zabbix 113 no route to host error for our customers.


Why this Zabbix 113 no route to host error?

The Zabbix monitoring system is really helpful in monitoring the services. It alerts server administrators about server failures.

But we need to configure Zabbix and add servers to it.

However, often while adding servers, Zabbix 113 error occurs due to incorrect firewall settings. Or, it may even happen due to some bad routing/network configuration.

Today, we discuss in detail on this error and let’s see how our Support Engineers find a fix for this error.


How we fix this?

The fix for the Zabbix 113 error can vary based on the cause. Let’s now check them in detail.

Incorrect server key

Recently, one of our customers approached us saying that he was getting an error when he configured the Zabbix agent.

Zabbix 113 no route to host

So, we checked in detail and did the following:

Firstly, we checked whether we could connect to the server via ping and it was a success. As we were able to ping, then we confirmed that there was no network error.

So, we did a deep search and found that the server’s active key was not set in agentd configuration file. The customer was using the Zabbix Agent(Active). And, we filled them with the IP address of the Zabbix server.

Further, our Engineers added the key for the customer and this fixed the problem.


Fixing firewall

In a similar scenario, a customer had set up 2 Linux systems in the VM, one as a Zabbix server and the other as a Zabbix client.

However, when checked we found that the icon was showing up as red in Zabbix. The monitoring of the client using the server was failing.

We checked the network connectivity using ping command and it was failing.

Our Support Engineers found that the server firewall was blocking the host. So we modified the firewall to allow connections from the host. Then we deleted the host and created a new one.

And this fixed the Zabbix 113 error.


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In short, this error occurs mainly due to firewalls and can be fixed by stopping or by adding a rule in iptables. Also, we saw how our Support Engineers fixed the Zabbix 113 no route to host error.


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