It’s quite annoying when cPanel suddenly kicks you out.

However, cPanel usually reminds website owners about the cause of the problem. And, one such error is “Your login session has expired“.

At Bobcares, we help website owners resolve such errors as part of our Outsourced Technical Support services to web hosts.

Today, we’ll discuss the main reason for this error and how we fix it.


‘Your login session has expired’ in cPanel – What causes this error?

Website owners usually experience this error when they use multiple connections to access the account within a specific timeframe or when they use a VPN or proxy that often changes the IP.

Now, let’s see why cPanel kicks users out with the error message “Your login session has expired“.

cPanel uses the “Cookie IP validation” security feature. This compares the visitor’s current IP address to their IP addresses for subsequent requests.

And, most hosting providers set this value to strict. So, the current IP address and the IP addresses on subsequent requests should match. Otherwise, cPanel kicks you out and shows the error “Your login session has expired“.


‘Your login session has expired’ in cPanel – How to fix?

In most cases, a re-login to cPanel or login attempt from an alternate browser works fine. But, to fix this permanently, we must ensure that the IP remains static all the time.

Now, let’s see how our Dedicated Support Engineers permanently resolve this problem.


1) Get a static IP address

Some network providers or ISPs constantly change their IP address. As a result, cPanel identifies the session as invalid and kicks out the user.

Here, our Hosting Engineers suggest the customers to contact ISPs and obtain a static IP address, so that the connection IP doesn’t change.

Alternatively, we suggest customers to use VPNs that stabilize the IP, and more likely act as a static IP address that doesn’t change frequently.

2) Tweak Cookie IP Validation settings

Likewise in VPS or Dedicated servers, we suggest sever owners to tweak the Cookie IP Validation settings.

As we discussed, most web hosts set this parameter to strict, which causes frequent problems.

In such cases, we change the Cookie IP Validation to Loose, which checks whether the session IP and IP of subsequent requests belong to same range.


your login session has expired cpanel

Cookie IP Validation in cPanel


We do it from Tweak Settings option in WHM. Additionally, our Support Engineers disable Proxydomains to ensure maximum effectiveness of this option.

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3) Use static cPanel login link

For customers who use CDN services, they connect from their own network of servers. So each request can come from different IP addresses.

So, our Hosting Engineers recommend to access cPanel using a URL that doesn’t proxy through CDN.

In other words, we suggest customers to use proxy subdomain “” to access cPanel, and point DNS directly to the cPanel server. Most importantly, we ensure that this sub domain is excluded from CDN inorder to bypass the CDN rules.

Alternatively, we recommend website owners use static URL like https://server_name:2083 to access cPanel. Here server_name is the cPanel server name and 2083 is the cPanel port.



In short, “Your login session has expired” error in cPanel can occur due to Cookie IP validation settings in WHM. Today, we’ve discussed the top 3 solutions implemented by our Dedicated Support Engineers to fix this problem.

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