Receiving the error GlusterFS mount failed while mounting? We can help you fix the error.

Usually, this error occurs due to version conflicts, incorrect secure-access option and so on.

At Bobcares, we often receive requests to fix this error as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s discuss this error in detail and see how our Support Engineers fix it easily.


About GlusterFS mount failed error

Before getting into the error, let’s have a look on GlusterFS.

As we all know, we are living in a world where data is growing in an unpredictable manner. So, to store and handle this data, we mainly use a Distributed File System.

And, Gluster is a scalable, distributed file system defined to use in userspace. It aggregates disk storage resources from multiple servers into a single global namespace.

Moreover, it can scale up to several petabytes and can handle thousands of clients.

Here is an example, where there are three servers providing hard disk capacity and the client is using them.

Often tricky errors like mount failed error in GlusterFS occur due to version conflicts, incorrect secure-access option version conflicts, incorrect secure-access option, etc.


How we fix GlusterFS mount failed error?

So far we have seen the error, now let’s discuss some of its top fixes.


1. Version conflicts

Recently, one of our customers approached us with a GlusterFS error. He tried to mount a GlusterFS volume locally but frequently getting the below error message.

Mount failed. Please check the log file for more details.

To get further information about the error, we take a look at the below log file:


On checking, our Support Engineers found errors with the Gluster versions. To resolve the error, we updated the Gluster to the latest version.

The ports starting from 24009 has been consumed by bricks, but with the latest Gluster changes, this has been changed to the range starting from 49152, based on IANA standards.


2. Secure-access option

Similarly, we might face this error while installing and configuring GlusterFS.

In such cases, this error occurs when the secure-access option on the client is not set properly.

That is, to enable the client to use the file in /etc/ssl/.

To solve this, we use the below command,

touch /var/lib/glusterd/secure-access


[Need more assistance to fix this error?- We’re available 24/7.]



In short, GlusterFS mount failed errors occur mainly due to version conflicts, incorrect secure-access option and so on. In today’s article, we discussed this error in detail and saw how our Support Engineers fix it easily for our customers.

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