Failed to import appliance in Virtualbox?

In VirtualBox, virtual machines are referred to as appliances.

Virtualbox supports disk image files such as VDI, VMDK, VHD, and HDD.

At Bobcares, we often get requests from our customers regarding VirtualBox as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, we’ll see how our Support Engineers resolve failed to import appliance in VirtualBox error.


How to import Appliance in VirtualBox

First, let us discuss how our Support Engineers import Appliance in VirtualBox for your customers.

We open the Virtualbox manager.

Click on File and select Import Appliance option. Now a window appears.

Now we browse for the file and select the .OVA file. Then click next.

Within a few seconds, the file will be read and we select the RAM and the CPU required.

Finally, click on import.

Once the process is complete we can use the Virtual Machine.


Common errors and how we fix VirtualBox failed to import appliance

Let us discuss the common reasons for the failure and how our Support Engineers resolve the error for our customers.

1. Image file corrupt

One of the common reasons that fail VM import is file corruption. This is a common error when the file is downloaded from the internet. This happens because of network issues during the download or the file is not downloaded completely.

To resolve the error we re-download the file and try to import the file. Here, we always ensure that there are no download restrictions in the server network.


2. Attach as a virtual hard disk

Recently one of our customers contacted us regarding the error. Let us discuss how our Support Engineers helped the customer resolve it.

In this case, the file downloaded properly. But he was still facing the same error. Here, we helped him create a new VM and attach the file as a virtual disk.

We open Virtualbox Manager and click on New.

Now we enter the Name, Type, and version of the operating system and click next.

Then we select the Allocated memory size and click next.

Select the option Use an existing virtual hard disk file. Now we browse and locate the file. Click on Create.

Thus it creates a new virtual machine with the attached file.

3. Administrative privileges for vboxmanage.exe

Another common reason for import appliance failure in Windows happens when the vboxmanage.exe file does not have the administrative privileges. This occurs when trying to attach the disk from the USB drive. This is because the USB drive requires admin rights. So our Support Engineers run the application as an administrator and import Appliance in VirtualBox.


4. Corrupted VirtualBox installation

The corrupted VirtualBox installation will also fail to import appliance. During corrupted VirtualBox, the only option is to re-install the whole VirtualBox. So our Support Engineers re-install the VirtualBox once again and import the appliance.

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In short, we have discussed how our Support Engineers import Appliance in VirtualBox. Also, we have discussed the common causes for the error faced during import and how we resolve it.

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