December 19, 2018

As per the terms of the deal, Malwarebytes will integrate its endpoint prowess into Untangle’s cloud platform to provide administrators with a unique solution.

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Untangle have partnered with endpoint protection facilitator Malwarebytes to provide SMBs with simplified cybersecurity solutions. As per the terms of the deal, Malwarebytes will integrate their endpoint prowess into Untangle’s cloud security platform Command Center, to provide administrators with a single-pane-of-glass solution, to manage and orchestrate security through their wide network.

According to Untangle, SMBs and startups have limited resources and require integrated solutions that can take the guesswork out of something as important as cybersecurity. They say that these SMBs try to keep away from solutions where managing security operations for various vendors becomes a pain. 

To answer these issues, Untangle say that they have partnered with Malwarebytes to allow administrators to gain visibility into their security environments without getting overwhelmed with evaluating, deploying or managing security solutions. By providing a simplified solution, Untangle claim that administrators can understand the status of security scans including time, duration, threats and quarantined endpoints.

Scott Devens, CEO at Untangle claims that the integrated solution, which has a layered security approach, enables customers to manage and monitor multiple deployments through a single dashboard. He believes that this solution gives SMBs in particular, more power to detect threats and recover data at the endpoints.

Industry patrons opine that this partnership will provide immediate value to MSPs by helping them understand their security frameworks and networks in detail. It will be interesting to see how Untangle and Malwarebytes make the most of this alliance, just as Bitdefender did with Kaseya for endpoint security.


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