The launch aims to enable cloud-ops and IT security teams to gain visibility and control of security policies for cloud applications.

Network Security provider Tufin have launched a cloud-native solution called Tufin Iris to control the security policies of the cloud applications. With this launch, Tufin will be integrating this solution into DevOps pipelines to provide visibility of security policies, maintain continuous compliance and facilitate business agility.

According to Tufin, organizations lack complete visibility into their cloud environments and have little or no understanding about securing existing cloud applications and resources. They say that organizations had to settle for manual audits and cloud security reviews for their environments, hampering the overall performance of the apps.

By launching Tufin Iris, the network security provider says that they will minimize the load of securing cloud applications by providing IT security teams with control and visibility of security policies. This control, Tufin believe, will allow enterprises to mitigate attacks in advance and comply with global security standards.

Shay Dayan, CTO of Cloud Products at Tufin believes that lack of visibility into the cloud environment is a huge challenge for many enterprises because of the risks attached. However, with Tufin Iris, security policies are defined first and then automated to support the IT security teams of the particular enterprise.

This is a huge advantage for enterprises, says Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group). He further states that enterprises will be able to easily go forth with their day to day operations without affecting business agility.

Tufin say that this launch will provide organizations deploying public cloud environments with increased visibility into potential network dangers of their cloud applications as they scale. They also claim that this compliance capability will act as a tool and boost the cyber security component of an enterprise’s suite of cloud applications.

It will be interesting to witness how Tufin’s clients make the most of cloud compliance and visibility solution, following the launch of FireMon’s hybrid cloud service with a visibility component.


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