The launch seeks to enhance the digital experience of enterprise customers by providing protection against malware in fixed and mobile networks.

Spain’s telco provider Telefónica España have partnered with network intelligence facilitator Allot, to launch cybersecurity services by the name Conexión Segura. With this launch, Allot and Telefónica seek to jointly enhance the digital experience of customers by providing protection against malware across mobile and fixed (data and voice) networks.

According to Telefónica, IT security has always been a top priority for enterprises, since business workloads need complete protection. They claim that different virus and malware attacks affect the IT environments of enterprises only to compromise the performance and security of workloads.

By partnering with Allot, Telefónica say that their cybersecurity services Conexión Segura will protect workloads, business data and the entire IT environment from anomalies. They say that this service will raise the overall digital experience of enterprises in Spain.

Agustín Navarro, Consumer Business Unit Director at Telefónica España believes that their alliance with Allot will allow the former to be a commendable force in the market when it comes to cybersecurity services. He says that by providing cybersecurity services, enterprises will be able to strike a fine balance between mobile as well as fixed networks.

Allot say that their cybersecurity services will allow operators to protect their clients’ digital environments from myriad attacks. Francisco Cayuela, Vice President Sales, Spain and LATAM at Allot, claims that their services will provide ‘peace of mind’ to Telefónica’s enterprise customers along with a wide range of cybersecurity options.

The telco provider believes that this approach will help them position the company as a provider of everything that is required for network protection. They say that these services can also be applied for network and application analytics as well as traffic control and shaping.

Industry analysts opine that these cybersecurity services will entice enterprises from not only Spain but also from Europe. It will be interesting to witness the turn of events in the cybersecurity market of Europe, following Atos’ and Airbus’ selection to protect EU institutions and enterprises.


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