Are you looking for the steps to synchronize SmarterMail with Outlook?

This sync process easily replicates the changes in SmarterMail to email applications like Microsoft Outlook.

At Bobcares, we often receive requests regarding Smartermail as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s see how our Support Engineers set up synchronization for our customers.

Synchronizing SmarterMail with Outlook

SmarterMail can easily manage email accounts, Webmail, Contacts, Calendar, etc.

Fortunately, SmarterMail allows synchronization with many popular client email programs. It easily synchronizes with Outlook, Apple Mail, Apple Calendars and Apple Notes.

But, why does a user try to sync SmarterMail with Outlook?

We mainly synchronize the SmarterMail with Outlook to bring in the real-time changes in Outlook also. As a result, the sync process retains a copy on a personal laptop or computer.

Additionally, it enables users to explore email account features easily.


How to Synchronize SmarterMail Calendar or Contacts with Outlook

Recently, one of our customers reported problems with his attempt to Synchronize SmarterMail with Outlook.

Here, our Support Engineers guided the customer to follow the below steps to synchronize the SmarterMail Calendar and Contacts, emails with Outlook.


1. Synchronizing the Calendar

Initially, the customer has to log in to the SmarterMail from the computer that has Outlook.

1. Access the SmarterMail Web Interface by the below link in the web browser.

http://webmail.domain name Or http://domain name:9998

2. Then click on the Calendar icon.

Synchronize SmarterMail with Outlook

3. After that, click the Actions menu. And click the Add to Outlook in the navigation pane toolbar.

4. In the next window, it contains details about the connection. Here, read the connection details and click Ok.

5. Then it opens a Launch Application window and Clicks Ok to launch Outlook.

6. In the next window, a confirmation message asks about connection. Here click Yes.

That completes the SmarterMail calendar synchronization with the Outlook account. Thereafter, any changes made in the calendars will update automatically in Outlook.


2. Synchronizing the Contacts

Similarly, it’s necessary to synchronize the SmarterMail Contacts with Outlook too from the Web interface.

This requires to log in to the Smartermail and access the Contacts icon on the left side pane.

After that, click Add to Outlook in the navigation pane toolbar and click Ok.

When the synchronization is complete, it adds a new folder. The two added folders are SmarterMail My Calendar and SmarterMail My Contacts.


3. Synchronizing the MailBox

Likewise, synchronizing emails to Outlook is also very much important.

In general, to synchronize the MailBox data with the Outlook requires setting up the email account as an IMAP or POP3 account.

Our Dedicated Engineers suggest customers make use of the IMAP protocol. This allows sync of all mail folders between the server and home laptop or computer. Moreover, it works even with mailboxes having a size of more than 1GB.

To synchronize the SmarterMail mailbox with Outlook, we ask customers to add the email account with the correct mail server name.

Again, in the case of the POP3 protocol, all emails will be downloaded from the server automatically. Therefore, we suggest customers retain a copy of emails on the server. And, for users who have space constraints, we ask them to clear it periodically.


Cannot synchronize SmarterMail Calendar into Outlook

Although the steps appear pretty clear, users often experience sync errors.

Let’s now check the typical errors with synchronization of SmarterMail Calendar into Outlook.

Mainly, the top two SmarterMail versions are:

  • Smartermail Enterprise Edition
  • Smartermail Professional Edition

However, the ‘Add to Outlook‘ option will be available only in the Smartermail Enterprise edition.

In a recent helpdesk ticket, a customer came up with sync errors. As a part of debugging, our Support Engineers checked the edition of the SmarterMail. We found that he was using the Smartermail Professional edition. In other words, this version created problems for the customer. Therefore, we helped the customer with manual creation of contacts and calendars.

However, on dedicated servers, we recommend customers to upgrade the SmarterMail to the Enterprise version.


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In short, Synchronizing SmarterMail with Outlook replicates all the changes in the SmarterMail account in personal devices. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers help our customers with synchronization.


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