February 4, 2019

The acquisition seeks to strengthen Sophos’ endpoint detection and monitoring capabilities by leveraging DarkBytes’ security orchestration prowess.

Weeks after acquiring AvidSecure, UK-based cybersecurity provider Sophos have snapped DarkBytes, an endpoint security specialist. With this acquisition, Sophos will be fortifying their endpoint security operations by leveraging DarkBytes’ SOAR prowess (Security Orchestration Automated Response).

Since endpoint is where most of the data today lives, Sophos say that it has become the new perimeter of cybersecurity. They say that in order to protect this vital data, securing these endpoints has become essential.

With an MDR (Monitoring and Detection) and SOAR combination, Sophos say that their cybersecurity platform will be able to perform at its best since it could monitor and detect attacks and then respond with security response. They say that this combination, will especially be beneficial to those enterprises deploying the cloud since they have ample data at the endpoints.

By acquiring DarkBytes, Sophos say that they will be able to boost their cloud-security portfolio and provide enterprises with monitoring, detection and eradication capabilities. They say that DarkBytes’ endpoint sensors and cloud-delivered analytics will help them combat cyber attacks of any kind.

In closing, Sophos did not reveal the financial details but said that the deal will close before the end of March this year. It will be interesting to see how Sophos take this ahead with the AvidSecure acquisition as well as their partnership with TechData for a regional boost.


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