Are you looking for copying emails? SmarterMail Mailbox Migration tool makes the task easy!

Migrating email accounts alone can be a troublesome process.

Any mistake in the steps can end up in broken email accounts and mail failures.

At Bobcares, we often get customer requests for mail migration on the Windows server as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, we’ll explain how our Support Engineers use the SmarterMail mailbox migration tool to move mails on the Windows server.


A quick look on SmarterMail

Before getting deep into the SmarterMail mail migration procedure, let’s have a quick look at what is SmarterMail.

SmarterMail is a webmail interface that sends and receives emails to users via a web browser.

It provides a total email account management.

Fortunately, SmarterMail has a unique feature to easily migrate from any mail service.

It can move a single mailbox or entire domain from mail services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, MailEnable, etc.

It also helps in preserving email history with full email archiving.


How we use the SmarterMail mailbox migration tool?

Unlike a full account migration, email migration needs special care. This is because the overall structure of the account may break after the migration process.

Recently, one of our customers changed the mail server of his domain. He wanted to isolate the mail contents to a different server. Therefore, he approached us to migrate his mail from a MailEnable server to SmarterMail.

Let’s see how our Support Engineers solved his requirement.

We followed the below steps for migration.

1. Firstly, we logged into the SmarterMail interface of the destination host with the admin credentials.

2. Then, we selected the domain from the list.

3. Then, we selected the ‘Manage‘ button.

4. We then clicked the ‘Impersonate‘.

5. After that, we selected the user whose emails are to be migrated from the remote host.

6. We then selected the 3 dots() icon and selected ‘Impersonate‘ from the drop-down.

7. Then, we selected the Settings tab.

8. After that, we selected the ‘Connectivity‘ from the left pane.

9. Next, under the Mailbox Migration, we clicked the ‘Migrate‘ option.

10. Then we selected the ‘Others‘ option from the list.

11. A new window popped up which asked for the following details.

    • Server address: Here we entered the IP of the mail server. Else, simply entering domain name itself is fine
    • We should select the type of access as IMAP and it automatically selects its port.
    • Then, we entered the corresponding username and password.
    • We then unchecked the option ‘Require SSL and Delete existing SmarterMail mailbox items‘.

12. Finally, we hit Start.

SmarterMail mailbox migration toolsmartermail migration

Thus, our Support Engineers migrated the mails from the remote host to SmarterMail.


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In short, the SmarterMail mailbox migration tool is a quick way to migrate emails in a single account by preserving the whole structure of the account. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers do this for our customers.


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