The consortium seeks to facilitate end-to-end cybersecurity solutions by forming a single global corporate identity operating under Trustwave.

Singtel have announced that they have formed a consortium by integrating the resources of Optus, NCS, and Trustwave to provide cybersecurity solutions. With this move, Trustwave will be offering a complete range of managed security services, consulting and edge technologies to help organizations mitigate internal and external threats.

According to Singtel, global enterprises require all kinds of cybersecurity tools to safeguard their business-critical data. They say that relying on a single provider often leads to a vendor lock-in and adding new services or products becomes difficult because of compatibility or compliance issues.

In order to overcome this obstacle, Singtel have formed a consortium consisting of Opus, NCS, and Trustwave to offer enterprises with a ‘single-security-solution’ that detects, monitors and eradicates cyber threats. They say that this solution will broaden Trustwave’s product portfolio and create their unique identity in the cybersecurity market.

Since the consortium will operate under Trustwave’s brand name, Singtel say that the former’s current crop of customers will benefit from the myriad services that will be offered. They further added that as a part of this integration, Trustwave have also reworked on their brand’s identity by unveiling a new logo.

Arthur Wong, Chief Executive Officer at Trustwave claims that joining Singtel and other firms was possible because they saw synergies in terms of vision and the opportunities that exist in the cybersecurity market. He claims that customers will benefit from years of industry expertise and knowledge gathered by the four companies worldwide in the form of solutions that will meet their needs.

Speaking about the benefits of integrating with Optus, NCS and Trustwave, Singtel said that the consortium will:

1. Increase the focus on industry-specific technologies
2. Allow more cybersecurity resources to come under one umbrella
3. Facilitate continuous training related to cybersecurity to enterprises

In closing, Singtel said that they will commence with marketing activities to boost the presence of Trustwave at a global level by joining hands with more than 1000 channel partners. It will be interesting to see how Singtel makes the most out of this, following Optus’ USD 16.71 million acquisition of Hivint last month.


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