Wanna know more about Silent push notification?

Imagine you are watching a series on your mobile phone. You receive a notification saying that your app needs updates. How annoying it would be?

This is where a silent push notification comes into the picture. Silent push notification does its job silently in the background without disturbing the user experience.

Let’s see how we help customers to manage their apps as a part of our Server Management Services.


What is Silent Push notification?

Push notifications are the pop-up messages that we often get in websites and mobile applications. Usually, they are meant for marketing purposes.

Silent push notification also called background notification is a hidden instruction that is delivered to an app on a user’s device. A typical push notification will cause an interaction with the user. Whereas silent push notifications will quietly deliver the notifications in the background to the app waking up the app.

When new content is available in the app, publishers will use this. When a silent push notification reaches the device, the user won’t know anything about the notification as this works silently in the background. But the app gets the notification and it downloads the new content and shows it to the user when the user opens the app.

Thus, there will not be any disturbance to the user in the entire process.


Uses of Silent Push Notifications

Let’s now check on the major uses of Silent push notifications.

They are mainly used in news publishing apps where there is a need to update the contents daily. Also, finds application in streaming apps when the publisher uploads a new episode.



1. The app wakes up in the background and carries the instructions which it receives from the publisher without disturbing the user.

2. The latest version of the service will be ready for the users to use when they open the app. This applies right from the time they open it. Not an outdated version since the app downloads the contents silently in the background.

3. Bypasses the load/lag time as it doesn’t take time to update the contents. When the user opens the app, rather it updates the contents silently in the background.



Likewise, pushing notifications silently also has its disadvantages too.

1. Silent push notifications can not wake android apps that have forced to quit in the app settings.

2. Silent notifications can not wake up an iOS app that has been swiped away.


How to enable it?

Most of the Push service providers have Silent push notification service which you can simply enable in their respective dashboards.



Silent push notification is a simple solution to deliver important content to your app and increase user engagement without affecting users’ experience.

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