January 18, 2019

The alliance aims to facilitate the insurance market with threat detection and mitigation products in a bid to protect enterprises from cyber attacks.

Shearwater’s Xcina have forged a strategic alliance with Moorhouse Group to provide cybersecurity solutions to enterprises in the insurance market. With this move, Xcina will roll out a series of applications aimed at risk detection, incidence response and critical resources to address the fall in the number of SMEs in the UK purchasing enough cyber insurance policies.

According to Xcina, there has been a general shift in the attitudes of enterprises when it comes to managing workloads in the cloud or integrating cybersecurity products. However, when it comes to adopting cyber policies, Xcina say that enterprises are still far behind.

Citing the reasons for the same, Xcina believe that more than 60% of the enterprises fail to accurately assess their firm’s individual risk. Hence, they say that framing customized cyber policies becomes a job that many don’t want to get into.  

By partnering with Moorhouse Group, Xcina claim that building applications that are tailormade for SMEs in the UK will become easier given the former’s insurance expertise. They say that by building these applications, Xcina will gain access to Moorhouse’s large customer base.

Lyndon Wood, CEO at Moorhouse, says that their aim is to increase awareness about reducing cyber risks among the SME segment in the UK. He claims that with Xcina as a partner, they are aiming for long-term business stability since the market is huge and has tremendous potential.

Analysts claim that this move is in the right direction considering the rising number of cyber attacks across Europe. It will be exciting to see how Xcina and Moorhouse take this alliance forward, following the partnership between CNA, AT&T and Lockton.


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