Are you looking for PHP simple HTML DOM parser composer? We can help you.

Some frameworks or themes contain HTML files with PHP codes mixed inside them. The simple HTML DOM parser compiles the PHP codes inside them.

At Bobcares, we often get requests to set up DOM parser in servers as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s analyze the cause and see how our Support Team setup the parser.


Why do we need a simple HTML DOM parser composer?

The objective of PHP simple DOM parser is basically to edit and work with HTML DOM elements.

Most importantly, it helps to parse an HTML code inside a PHP object. It can take the contents of HTML codes from files and operate them to display via a PHP script.

Sometimes we download widgets having “.html” files but it may contain PHP codes. Hence, on running in a web server, the PHP code fails to compile. As a result, we will not get the expected result.

Recently, one of our customers came to us with such a situation. In his previous server, PHP codes inside the .html file were working. After migrating to a new server it wasn’t working.

Let’s see how our Support Engineers fixed this error.


How to setup PHP simple HTML DOM parser composer?

Initially, we checked the output of both the servers. The output of the .html file in the old server appeared as,

PHP simple HTML DOM parser composer

On the other hand, the output of the same code in the new server was,

PHP simple HTML DOM parser composer

The customer had a mixture of files with both .php and .html extensions. We provided the client with two choices.

Firstly, he can install open source PHP DOM Parser and modify a few bunches of codes. As a result, the .html files will be imported into a PHP class and compile. But this is a bit complex process and needs more effort. Modifying existing codes can always be a pain.

The second and easier way is to configure the webserver to compile .html files with the PHP handler. It will do almost the same task of parsing HTML DOM elements along with PHP codes inside. But it requires a server-wide change. In shared hosting, we don’t do server-wide change so we added the below code in .htaccess file in the document root.

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .html .htm

If the server is Ubuntu/Debian or running php-fpm, then we add the below code,

AddType application/x-httpd-php .html .htm

Thus we ensured that the codes are properly compiled.


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In short, the PHP Simple HTML DOM parser composer setup compiles the PHP codes inside them HTML files. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers setup PHP DOM parser for our customers.


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