pfsense multiple WAN IP – How we set it up easily?


Are you searching about pfsense multiple WAN IP? Here’s how we do it.

pfSense is a feature-rich, robust, and very flexible software. Also, it is possible to add multiple IP addresses in WAN using pfsense.

At Bobcares, we often receive requests to do this as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s have a deep discussion on this topic and see how our Support Engineers do it easily.


What is pfsense multiple wan IP?

As we know, pfSense is an open-source firewall computer software distribution.

And, Wide Area Network a.k.a WAN is a geographically distributed private telecommunications network that interconnects multiple local area networks.

Also, setting up a WAN simplifies server management, since we won’t have to support, back-up, host, or physically protect several units.

Sometimes, we prefer to add multiple IP addresses in the WAN. In that case, pfsense is a good option as it allows adding multiple IP addresses to the WAN.

Let’s have a look at how this can be done easily using pfsense.


How do we add multiple WAN IP?

As we have seen so far, pfSense is feature-rich, robust, and very flexible software.

Besides the essential firewall features, it has tons of additional features for network routing, remote connectivity, diagnostics, and reporting, along with many more.

Recently, one of our customers approached us with a query. He wanted to add five IP addresses to a single WAN interface.

Our Support Engineers helped him with his requirements. To add multiple IPs, we follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, we login to pfsense.
  2. Then, navigate to Firewall>>Virtual IPs>>+Add.
  3. After that, we click on edit virtual IPs and choose the IP alias type.
  4. Nextly, we give WAN as the interface. Then, we specify the IP address and subnet mask.
  5. Then, we click on Save to save the changes that we made.
  6. Now, navigate to Firewall>>NAT>>Port Forward>>Edit.
  7. Finally, we can select the new IP assigned for NAT configuration now.



In this way, we can add multiple IP addresses.


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In short, it is possible to add pfsense multiple WAN IP very easily. In today’s writeup, we have discussed this topic in detail and saw how our Support Engineers do it for our customers.


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