The platform seeks to provide access to governance policies by leveraging a graph-database approach to manage authorization in the cloud.

Cloud startup Orkus have launched a cloud governance platform to allow access and strengthen enterprise security. With this launch, Orkus will be providing enterprises with entrance to cloud governance policies to manage authorization and access in the cloud by leveraging a graph-database approach.

Orkus claim that cloud migration for enterprises is a challenging task since managing and maintaining access to governance policies is difficult. They say that organizations face obstacles when it comes to understanding authorization policies and hence leave the process of migrating to the cloud altogether.

This, Orkus say, makes enterprises bereft of the advantages possessed by the cloud.

By launching the Access Governance Platform, Orkus say that they will fortify enterprise security and access to cloud governance policies by leveraging their graph-database approach. They say that with this approach, Orkus maps the relationship between users, services and networks to different cloud and data objects, identifying the intent of users.

With the identification of user intent, Orkus say that it calculates something called as ‘risk score’ to understand potential threats and impact. They claim that by integrating Access Intelligence an overview of those users can be gauged to map audit and compliance efforts.

Manish Kalia, co-founder and CEO of Orkus claims that their vision is to build a cloud governance platform for all kinds of cloud-natives that provide a continuous access. He believes that Orkus will also be leveraging AI to deep dive into enterprise applications and data to access various things, ensuring they are safe over the cloud.

Orkus say that in a bid to provide a holistic view of access to cloud governance, they will be drawing information from the organization’s cloud policy engines, databases and networks. Industry analysts claim that this platform is likely to meet competition from major players like Google, Alibaba and AWS, ever since Alibaba partnered with APEDB for cloud governance.


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