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Autumn comes, leaves fall, and the days are growing shorter and darker. What else does October bring? An excess of fancifully carved out pumpkins, a sudden spike in the making/purchase of costumes and an increased risk of tooth decay. It can mean only one thing – Halloween is coming!

No doubt that we all love the Halloween tradition, but let us be honest – the pattern tends to keep repeating itself every year, doesn’t it? Pumpkin carving, spooky costume parties, whole yards scattered with ghoulish skeletons and jack-o’-lanterns, hordes of kids in whimsical costumes going door to door in the hunt for candies… we all know this sequence inside out.

Although most people spend Halloween dressing up or trick-or-treating, there are plentiful of countries which have their own, no less splendid, celebratory rituals. Let’s dive into some of them before we move on to the hair-raising treats we have arranged for you this year!

  • Did you know that Ireland is considered a birthplace of modern Halloween tradition? Its origins stem from ancient Celtic rituals and a festival called “Samhain”, that once marked the end of the harvest season. In present-day Ireland and Scotland, the 30th October is still celebrated with massive bonfires, just like in the days of Celts. At the same time, typical parties include various plays such as “snap-apple”, treasure hunts or card games as well as traditional Halloween food – barmbrack. It is a kind of fruitcake with muslin-wrapped treats baked inside it: rings, pieces of straw, buttons, coins that are believed to foretell the eater’s future.

  • Are you in for a 7-day Transylvania tour for this year’s Halloween? Over the years, countless fearless tourists have traveled to Romania with aim of celebrating Halloween at Vlad Tepe’s purported home at Bran Castle. There are even guides and inclusive travel packages that offer tours of Count Dracula’s castle with costume parties, story-telling and actors playing out Dracula-inspired scenes. Dare to try?

  • In Mexico, Latin America and Spain, people honor deceased loved ones and ancestors who are believed to return to their earthly homes during Halloween. “Día de los Muertos” – the Day of the Dead – is commemorated with 3-day festivities that begin on the evening of October 31. The celebration consists of building in-home altars full of delicious treats left as offerings for weary ghosts. Often, a washbasin and towel are left out so that the spirit can wash before indulging in the feast. Practicality above all else!

  • People in Hong Kong celebrate Halloween a bit earlier than nations in other parts of the world. But it does not mean their month-long Hungry Ghost Festival is in any way less spooky! In several parts of East Asia, it is believed that around mid-August to mid-September spirits get uneasy and begin to roam through the world. This feast is, therefore, a way to “feed” those souls, supplying them with food and money needed for the afterlife.

  • In early November, Catholics across the world celebrate All Saints’ Day, followed by All Souls’ Day. They go to mass so as to honor the lives of the saints who died for their Catholic beliefs and visit tombs of their loved ones to pray for their souls. In Poland and Italy, people leave chrysanthemums and candles on the graves of the departed, turning cemeteries into a display of lights and colors. In addition, Germany has yet another intriguing tradition – many hide their kitchen knives so that they would not be mischievously used by the returning spirits. Well, better safe than sorry!

Perhaps these 5 real-world celebrations have given you a bit of inspiration to try some of them on your own? Or maybe you want to make this year’s Halloween the most memorable one ever in some other way? Then you should definitely join our bewitching contest!

Halloween Contest 2019 - ModulesGarden

For a chance to win otherworldly generous discounts, simply post in the comments your answer to the following question:

Can you name 5 modules from our offer updated exactly in October?

  • The first person to give the correct answer will be awarded with a mind-blowing 50% price cut on the annual license of any module from the Marketplace.
  • The next two participants to provide the accurate names will will be granted a spine-tingling 33% discount.
  • The authors of the last five correct answers will receive no less appealing prize in the form of a thrilling 20% discount.
  • No worries though, it is anyone’s game at this point! From the remaining, less fortunate contenders to answer the question right, there will be one chosen as a lucky receiver of an extra 10% promo code!

We will be awaiting your replies until 1st November inclusive, and the nine most fortunate participants will be announced next Monday, in the comments section down below. Keep your ear to the ground!

Please be advised that one person is eligible for a single discount only. The three deals cannot be combined with one another or any other special promotions.

Leap at the chance to avoid being scared by your finances this Halloween!

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