cPanel login invalid” – This message can be very frustrating, especially when you are SURE that you gave the correct username and password.

I gave the correct cPanel credentials. Then, why do I get this error all the time?

At Bobcares, we often resolve such queries as part of our Technical Support Services to web hosts.

Today, we’ll discuss the main reason for cPanel login invalid error and a permanent solution to this issue.


What causes cPanel ‘login invalid’ error?

cPanel users may get an error message like this even if they use the correct credentials to access cPanel.


cpanel login invalid

Invalid Login error message in cPanel


This is because, the user’s IP may get blocked by the brute force system. Let me make that more clear.

cPanel uses a cPhulk protection system to protect the server against bruteforce attacks.

And, it locks the accounts or IPs with multiple failed login attempts.

It also block IPs when failed webmail or email connections are detected.

For example, consider an office environment where all people connected from your office have the same IP.

So, any one person trying with wrong password can block the IP address, restricting every other person in that network.


How to fix cPanel ‘login invalid’ error?

Usually, a re-attempt to login to cPanel after 10-15 minutes may work.

But, in-order to fix it permanently, the IP must be whitelisted in cPhulk.

Now, let’s see how our Support Engineers whitelist the IP address in cPhulk.

Usually, we get the customer’s public IP address and whitelist that IP in cPhulk from command line.

For example, we use the below script to whitelist the IP address 125.13X.1XX.10X from command line.

/scripts/cphulkdwhitelist 125.13X.1XX.10X


This will whitelist the IP address in cPhulk, bypassing all cPhulk security restrictions.

Alternatively, we whitelist the IP address from Home > Security center > cPHulk Brute Force Protection via WHM panel.


cpanel login invalid

How to whitelist an IP in cPHulk?


Unfortunately, this won’t work if you have a dynamic IP address or you access cPanel from different locations.

In such cases, we need to manually whitelist the current IP address.



In short, cPanel login invalid error can happen mainly due to the security restrictions in the server. Today, we’ve discussed the main reason for this error and how our Dedicated Support Engineers fix them.

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