Install ClipBucket – Share videos easily!


Looking for an easy way to create a Video Sharing website?

A quick workaround is to install ClipBucket that lets you manage videos, photos & audios all together on one platform.

However, users often face ‘Mysqli Extension Missing Error‘ at the time of installation of ClipBucket.

At Bobcares, we often receive requests to fix ClipBucket and its errors as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s see how our Support Engineers Install CliBucket for our customers.


How to Install ClipBucket

We’ll now move on to the installation steps. To use the ClipBucket application, we need to install it on the website. 

However, to make the ClipBucket run, there are few system requirements.

1. Pre-Requirements

Let’s now see how our Dedicated Engineers prepare the server with the prerequisites.

  1. We select and make sure that the server has one among these Operating Systems – Linux (CentOS 6, CentOS 6.5, Fedora, Ubuntu).
  2. After that, we enable the Modules like – Apache, MySQL, PHP CLI, FFMPEG, MP4Box, FFPROBE, MediaInfo, ImageMagick, etc.
  3. Then we make sure that the server supports Apache-mod_ rewrite.
  4. Also, we ensure that the server has any of the MySQL Version 5.5.x, 5.6.


2. Prepare installation files

Before installing the application, we need to prepare the installation files.

1. So, we download the installation file from the official download page of the Clip Bucket application at

2. To download the file, we subscribe by filling the email address and then click on the Click Here To Download Now button.

3. The ClipBucket team will send the confirmation email.


3. Create Database

After downloading the installation script, we create a database and user from cPanel > MySQL Database Wizard. If the server does not have a control panel, we add the MySQL database and user from the command-line.

4. Running install script

We, then initiate the installation script and continue the procedures as per the screen.

Now, the details show up on the ClipBucket installation page as:

After completing all the steps, we receive a message Congratulations! You have successfully installed the ClipBucket.


Common ClipBucket installation errors and fixes

Its time now to see the typical errors that happen while ClipBucket installation.


1. Missing MySQLi extension

A common error that may occur at the time of ClipBucket installation is Mysqli Extension Missing Error.

Here, we’ll see how our Support Engineers fixed this error.

This happens mainly when the customers compile the PHP and Apache without MySQL. This results in the error:

Mysqli extension missing error on ClipBucket Installation.

To fix the error, we enable MySQLi support for PHP. This requires a web server restart too. Now that solves the installation error.


2. Incomplete database tables

Many times the installation process does not create the ClipBucket database tables completely. This creates a problem with ClipBucket websites. For instance, when the users table has missing entries, even the admin panel shows up a blank screen or 500 errors.

Here, our Support Engineers first turn on detailed PHP error reporting. This starts logging the correct error message to log files.

We always analyze and make sure that the database contains all the relevant tables and users. Again, when the server has MySQL version  >= 5.7, we set the sql_mode to NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER, NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION‘. This creates all the database tables at the time of installation.

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In short, one of the best ways to create a video-sharing website is to install ClipBucket. In this write-up, we discussed how our Support Engineers install ClipBucket and fix the related errors.


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