Are you wondering how to accomplish “Hyper v PXE boot”? Here’s how we do it.

Pre-Boot Execution Environment known as PXE helps to install or boot an OS using network interface.

At Bobcares, we often receive requests regarding Hyper-V as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s see how our Support Engineers help our customer setup PXE boot.


Hyper V PXE boot

In Hyper V there are two generations of virtual machine hardware specifications. Generation 1 is for BIOS-based architecture. Generation 2 for UEFI architecture.

PXE boot is a method to boot a computer using its network card.

In generation 1, to install an OS using network boot we need to install Legacy Network Adaptor.

In generation 2 Virtual Machine it is possible to install an OS just by connecting to a Remote Installation Service using the PXE Boot option.

Let’s discuss how our Support Engineers set up PXE boot.


Hyper V PXE boot for Generation 1

Recently a customer contacted us to install non-uefi OS via network boot. PXE on Generation 1 virtual machine is not possible with the default network adapter. Let’s discuss how our Support Engineers setup for Generation 1 server.

Generation 1 virtual machine can use PXE by using the Legacy Network Adapter. So we change from Network Adapter to Legacy Network Adapter.

1. First, we open the Hyper-V manager. Then, we select the Virtual Machine.

2. After that, we turn off the virtual machine. Now, right-click and open Settings.

3. Next, select Add Hardware. Then select Legacy Network Adapter and click Add.

4. Now, we configure the Legacy Network Adapter settings.

5. After configuring, we need to change the boot order.

6. In the settings, select BIOS. Now, we move up to the Legacy Network Adapter.

7. Finally, apply the changes. After the changes made the virtual machine boot image from PXE.


Hyper V PXE boot for Generation 2

Unlike Generation 1 PXE is possible through the default network adapter itself. No setting needs to be adjusted for generation 2 servers


A common error that fails PXE boot for generation 2

Recently our customer was facing issues in PXE boot for Generation 2. Let’s discuss how our Support Engineers resolve the error.

On analyzing the setting of the virtual machine the boot order was to load from virtual hard disk.

Therefore we shut down the virtual machine. Then we changed the boot order to the network adapter.

Finally, starting the virtual machine will be able to load from using the Network.


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In short, we have discussed the PXE boot in Hyper V. Also, we have discussed how our Support Engineers set up PXE boot in Hyper V for different generations.


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