How to fix Active Server Pages error asp 0126


Website errors will be frustrating for website owners especially when the error is related to ASP.NET.

A typical error shows up as “Active Server Pages error asp 0126“.

Usually, the ASP 0126 error happens mainly due to missing privileges on the file path.

At Bobcares, we often receive requests to fix ASP.NET errors as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s analyze the error and see how our Support Engineers fix it for our customers.


Causes of the error “Active Server Pages error asp 0126”

Let’s begin by checking on what makes ASP popular among other programming languages.

ASP.NET provides high security as it is a server-side language and code will not be visible in the browser.  Also, ASP.NET can easily integrate with almost all Windows applications.

Usually, Error “Active server pages error asp 012” appears when the ASP.NET does not have the required permission to use the double period(..) in the ASP scripts. By default, Windows web servers like IIS does not allow to use double period in the link or in the application path names. And, lack of privileges to access the file often results in ASP 0126 error.

Sample error of the website will almost look like:


How we fix “Active server pages error asp 0126”

We just saw on what causes the ASP 0126 error.

Recently, we had a customer who was facing a problem with his website displaying “Active server pages error asp 0126.”

We helped him to fix the error by enabling the parent path in IIS. Let’s see how our Support Engineers resolved the error within minutes.


1. Enable parent paths

Enabling parent paths in IIS will allow ASP.NET to use a double period in ASP scripts. Parent paths are disabled by default after IIS6 for security and design reasons. So we had to enable the option from ASP.NET under the specific domain.

Start >>Administrative Tools >> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager >> Sites >> Domain_name

We selected ASP.NET setting under the domain, changed the option from False to True and finally applied the changes.

Unfortunately, even in control panel based servers, we need to enable this option from IIS itself. For instance, the latest Plesk server version has disabled the feature to enable the parent path by default.


2. Set permission for IWPG user

Similarly, user permissions also can create the same error.

Therefore, our Support Engineers verified the permission of the IWPG user. Then we gave the required permissions to the domain’s web folders. The IWPG user is an IIS Worker Process Group created by IIS for each domain to manage and run the application within the folder.

Moreover, control panels like Plesk have the option to change IWPG user permissions. When setting the permissions from Plesk, we follow the below steps.

Login to Plesk >> File manager >> Select home directory >> Click change permission.

Again, we always ask the customers to upload the scripts under the domain’s web folder.

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Therefore, we discussed how our Support Engineers resolve “Active server pages error asp 0126”.  To fix the error, we verify the user permissions and enable the parent path for the domain.


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