Need to change RDP port via command line?  Here’s a quick way!

Changing the Remote Desktop connection port in the Windows server is important to make it more secure.

At Bobcares, we often get requests to change the RDP port as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s see how our Support Engineers add custom RDP port in our customers’ servers.


More about RDP

RDP is abbreviated as the Remote Desktop Protocol. And it provides a user with a graphical interface.

Also, it connects to another computer over a network connection.

RDP is a secure network communication protocol designed for remote management.

By default, the Remote Desktop Port is 3389. Therefore, there’s always a risk of hackers breaking into a server with a weak password.

Let’s see how our Support Engineers change the port via command line.


How to change RDP port via command line?

One of the steps in securing the Windows server is to change the default RDP port.

Let’s discuss how our Support Engineers help our customers to change the RDP port.

From our decade of experience in the Hosting industry, we see that changing the default port always provides a more secure environment.

So, as to change the port what we did are as follows.

1. Firstly, we connected to the server via Remote Desktop.

2. Then, we simultaneously pressed Windows Logo + R to open the “RUN” dialogue and executed the “cmd” command.

3. We then opened the Registry editor by “regedit” command.

Change RDP port command line

4. After that, we searched for the registry subkey:


5. Then we double-clicked the “PortNumber” registry subkey, and selected the decimal base and typed the custom password.

6. Next, we clicked OK.

7. Then we authorized the new port in the Windows Firewall. This step is very important.

8. Finally, we closed the Registry editor and restarted the RDP service.

Thus, we changed the default port for RDP via the command line.


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In short, we change the default port of RDP to custom port via command line after authorizing the port in the Windows Firewall. In today’s writeup, we discussed how our Support Engineers do this for our customers.


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