Steps to Claim a FREE SSL Certificate for your WordPress website:

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
Step 2: Access your “Setting” menu on your left.
wordpress ssl

Step 3: Replace your current URL http://your-website.com with https://your-website.com

http to https

Step 4: Proceed by clicking on the “Save Changes” button below. Now refresh your website. You’ve successfully switched to a “Secure” website.

NOTE: If the green [Secure] word still does not show in the browser address bar when you browse your website, proceed to step 5.

Step 5: Go to “Plugin – > Installed plugins”

Wordpress plugin install

Step 6: “Add New” Plugins. Search for “Really Simple SSL”.

SSL Plugin

Step 7: Install the plugin, and proceed to click on the button “Go ahead, activate SSL!”

SSL plugin install

Step 8: Refresh your website. Your are now ready to go with “Secure SSL”

PS: Remember to Update your Google Analytic setup to “https://” 🙂


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