January 7, 2019

The alliance seeks to provide flexible cloud-based contact center services to enterprises without investing in hardware or any other infrastructure.

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Outsourcing provider Gulf CX have partnered with Five9, a cloud contact provider to launch Gulf CX Cloud. With this alliance, Gulf CX and Five9 will facilitate enterprises with cloud contact centers without investing in hardware or infrastructure.

Gulf CX say that enterprises using contact centers in the Middle East depend on hardware and infrastructure to accelerate their services. They say that this infrastructure is costly and adds to their operational expenditure, which gets difficult to control.

By partnering with Five9, Gulf CX say that they will leverage the former’s cloud infrastructure to provide contact center services. They say that this alliance, will facilitate inbound as well as outbound contact center features supporting email, chat, video, text, social media and interactive voice response.

According to Gulf CX, cloud contact center clients are looking for reliable, flexible and easily integrated services that will allow them to be setup on a single platform with the ability to interact with anyone regardless their location. They believe that a service of this kind will help them understand the problems of different stakeholders in the ecosystem.

It will be interesting to see how Gulf CX will take this further, following Google Cloud’s alliance with Quantiphi for AI-based contact centres globally.


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