Is your website showing the error 543 the origin web server is not available? We can fix it for you.

These days, most websites use CDN aka Content Delivery Network to speed up page loading time.

However, when there is a problem with the communication between the CDN and the original server, it reports 543 errors.

As part of our Server Management Services, we deal with such realtime website errors.

Today, we’ll see how we resolve the error 543 the origin web server is not available.


Where do we see the 543 error?

Let’s now check the typical scenario where the 543 error shows up.

A CDN helps to speed up websites. This CDN serves the content from the webserver to the users.

However, if for any reason there are connection problems between CDN and the host server, it ends up in an error.


What causes the error 543 the origin web server is not available

Moving on, let’s see the reason for the 543 error on the website.

Usually, the error happens when the CDN proxy receives too many 5xx errors from the origin. So it displays a gateway error. In other words, any sort of error in the server that holds the web contents causes the 543 error.

In some cases, the Apache or Nginx web server may not be running. This also leads to the website errors.

Moreover, connection errors or even the DNS failures can interrupt the traffic between the CDN and the origin server.


How we fix the error 543 the origin web server is not available

We’ll now take a look at how our Support Engineers fixed the 543 error for the customer.

The customer was running CDN along with his Nginx server.

To debug the problem, we first checked the status of the web server using the command:

ps ax | grep nginx

The results showed that there was no problem with the Nginx web server.

Further, we checked the Nginx server logs. This helped us to find the kind of 5xx error returned from the website.

2020/02/13 22:14:20 [error] 4282#4282: *102272 openat() "/xxxx/Packages/nginx/html/setup.cgi" failed (2: No such file or directory), client: xx.yy.xx.yy, server: _, request: "GET /setup.cgi?next_file=xxx"
2020/02/13 23:13:48 [error] 4281#4281: *105065 openat() "/xxxx/Packages/nginx/html/shell" failed (2: No such file or directory),

This indicated a problem with the Nginx configuration. Therefore, we corrected the configuration and restored the missing files to fix the error.

Additionally, we added the CDN full IP addresses to the server firewall whitelist. Finally, the website started working again.

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To sum up, the error 543 the origin web server is not available happens due to problems between the CDN server and the host server. Today, we saw how our Dedicated Engineers fixed the error and made the website working.


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