December 19, 2018

The cybersecurity solutions aim to provide incident response and proactive services in a bid to protect financial organizations from virus attacks.

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DrawBridge have struck a strategic alliance with CrowdStrike to improve their cybersecurity solutions. With this partnership deal, CrowdStrike will be bolstering DrawBridge’s incident response and security prowess by building a strong foundation of proactive technologies.

According to DrawBridge, enterprises that deploy cybersecurity solutions often face obstacles when it comes to countering attacks when they are taking place. They say that most cybersecurity solutions have monitoring and mitigating capabilities, but not incidence response capabilities that determine the nature of the threat to take corrective measures accordingly. 

By partnering with CrowdStrike, DrawBridge say that they will be improving their cybersecurity offerings by adding incidence response, threat detection and mitigation capabilities to counter attacks. They say that this alliance will allow enterprises, mainly from the financial sector,to protect business sensitive data that needs to be safeguarded.

Jason Elmer, Managing Partner at DrawBridge claims that the alliance is good news for both enterprises from the monetary point of view. He says that the cyber breaches faced by financial enterprises will be controlled by CrowdStrike’s incident response prowess that will be integrated into the DrawBridge product suite.

Industry analysts claim that the integration will entice enterprises beyond financial sectors. It will be interesting to see how CrowdStrike boosts DrawBridge’s product portfolio, following their expansion in APAC and Japan.


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