Oops!! Is the Zabbix server trigger status showing Disk i/o overloaded? We can help you.

Usually, this happens when the iowait exceeds the limit set. Iowait is the time that a processor waits for the disk operation to complete.

At Bobcares, we get requests regarding Zabbix triggers, as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, we’ll see how our Support Engineers help our customers regarding Zabbix.


What is a Zabbix server?

Zabbix is a server monitoring software tool.

Mainly, this is for monitoring different aspects of infrastructure like Database monitoring, application monitoring, network monitoring, etc.

The main advantage of having a monitoring service is that we get to know about service downs instantly. Thus, it allows server administrators to take quick action on Zabbix triggers.

Disk I/O alerts essentially means that the physical disks may be too slow, or is in a saturated status. This inturn can make the server slow.

We get many requests regarding Zabbix I/O errors and we help our customers to fix related errors.


What is a housekeeper in Zabbix?

The housekeeper, executed by the Zabbix server is a periodical process.

And, the process removes all the outdated information and information deleted by the user.

Also, it is possible to set how many day’s data records need to store before being removed by housekeeper if this is enabled.

It is a well-known cause of performance problems.

At times, we mix the storage of data records which we want to keep for long and those which we need to keep only for a while. Here, the housekeeper will go through the dataset and delete the older data that it shouldn’t keep.


How did we fix Zabbix i/o alert?

Recently, one of our customers approached us with a Zabbix request. He was getting an alert “Disk i/o is overloaded on Zabbix server trigger status”.

Let’s see how our Engineers checked the problem in detail and sorted it out.

Here, this happened due to the housekeeper settings. In the Zabbix configuration file, we found that HousekeepingFrequency as disabled.

So, we set it to 1 as shown in the below figure.

Keeping the value of HousekeepingFrequency to 1, then more than 4 hours of outdated information will get deleted per cycle.

Disk io is overloaded on Zabbix server trigger status

Then, we set the trigger to give an alert when the iowait crosses 20 as shown.

Disk i/o is overloaded on Zabbix server trigger status

In short, when the housekeeper is in running mode the problem occurs. So, we need to adjust its frequency accordingly.

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In short, we discussed in detail on Disk i/o is overloaded on Zabbix server trigger status and saw how our Support Engineers fix this for our customers.

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