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Magento “error processing your request” issue is seen while installing a Magento, a theme, or an extension.

Here at Bobcares, we have seen several causes for this error while troubleshooting Magento issues as part of our Server Management Services for Magento site owners, web hosts, and online service providers.

Today we’ll take a look at the top causes for this error and how to fix them.


What causes this Magento error to occur?

This is one of the most common errors that one will come across while using Magento.

Usually, you receive this error while installing Magento, installing any extension, or a new theme.

The main reason for this error to occur is cache, conflicts in the extension, or corrupted tables in a database.

The typical error message appears as:



How we fix Magento “error processing your request”

Even though this is one of the common errors, Magento doesn’t give you the exact reason behind it. Fortunately, there are dozen of ways to dig deeper and fix it.

Now, let’s see some ways that our Support Engineers follow to fix this error.

Initially, we check the error logs to see the exact reason for the error to occur. Generally, there will be a log record number mentioned on the error page. So we access that log file to check the exact error and try to fix the error.

If that doesn’t help, then we follow the below.


1. Clearing the cache

In many cases, the cache will be the main culprit. So clearing the cache is the best option. We ensure that we clear the cache as a first step.

For that, we go to var/cache folder placed in the root and rename/delete the cache files.

Most of the time, this fixes the issue.


2. Specifying cache_dir

If there is no temp directory then the error logs will display the below error.

a:5:{i:0;s:71:"Could not determine temp directory, please specify a cache_dir manually";i:1;s:4546:"#0 /home/username/domains/ Zend_Cache::throwException('Could not deter...')

– In this case, we first update the folder permissions to 777 or 755.
– Then we open /lib/Zend/Cache/Backend/File.php and locate the:

‘cache_dir’ => null,

and change it to:

‘cache_dir’ => ‘tmp/’,

– Finally, we open the Magento root directory and create the tmp folder. After that, we refresh the page to see if the issue is fixed.


3. Enable Printing errors

To see the problem that causes the error, we print the errors.

For that, we access the folder Magento/errors. Here, we rename database configuration file local.xml.sample file, into local.xml.

Then we reload the page to see the list of the error messages. This will help in fixing the error.

Mostly, we will have to clear the cache to fix the error. However, in some cases, we repair the corrupted database table to fix the error depending on the error that we see in the logs.


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To wrap it up, this Magento “error processing your request” occurs due to cache error occurs due to many reasons that include cache, conflicts in the extension or theme, or corrupted tables in the database. Today, we discussed the different methods our Support Engineers follow to fix this error.

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