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Cron daemon sending email continuously is a bug that is sometimes seen after a cPanel update.

Here at Bobcares, we resolve web hosting technical issues such as this as part of our Server Management services for Web Hosts, Digital Marketing Agency, and other online service providers.

Today we’ll take a look at what causes this cron daemon error and how to fix it.


Why does cron daemon sending email continuously?

Let’s first see why does the cron daemon send emails continuously.

Many of our customers use cPanel because of its user-friendly interface. However, errors are not free from this popular control panel.

One such error is cron daemon sending emails continuously every 10 minutes. Here, the mail normally contains some weird cronjob error with the subject having a cron command. The sender will be root@hostname. Also, the mail body will contain cPanel exception error. As a result, the mailbox will be full of such spam emails.

We’ve seen in most of the cases this issue occurs if auto-update is on. Therefore, we always take a close look at the error message in the mail and find the root cause. The error can be due to several reasons. One of the common reasons is an incomplete update.


How we fix cron daemon sending email issues?

Mostly, shared hostings have cPanel and some of our clients with VPS hosting are having it as well. As a result, we fix errors like this very often.

Now let’s take a look at a recent request that we received from our customer. Here is the error message.

cron daemon sending email

According to him, all of a sudden such emails kept coming every 10 minutes. He suspects that some auto-update is causing it as he didn’t touch anything.

Now let’s see how our Support Engineers fix this error.

We were able to recreate the error and found that “cpanel-dovecot-solr” service was down and it was failing to restart.

Also, we found that there were still some pending updates for cPanel. So updating it manually should fix the issue.

We ran the below cPanel’s script from the command line to install available updates.

/scripts/upcp --force

As a result, it updated successfully and restarting the pending services stopped further error mails.

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In short, the error occurs due to broken updates. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers fix errors related to Cpanel.

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