cPanel license cost – Ways to reduce it


The sudden hike in CPanel license cost created a shock wave among hosting customers.

And the reaction included migrating to other free control panels, clubbing accounts to fewer servers and many more.

At Bobcares, we receive frequent queries on ways to reduce cPanel license costs as part of our Server Migration Services.

Today, let’s see the details of the cPanel pricing model and how our Dedicated Engineers reduce cPanel license costs.


Understanding cPanel license cost

To start with, let’s try to check the 3 major factors in the new cPanel pricing model.


1. Account limit on each license

Cpanel brings in account limits depending on the license type. That is, each license specifies the number of accounts that can work on each server. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the new cPanel licensing model.

Thus, the Solo license allows hosting only a single domain, Admin license for 5 accounts, Pro for 30 accounts, etc.


2. Monthly billing

Furthermore, cPanel brought in a complete change to their model by switching to monthly billing. As part of this, annual licenses will be converted to monthly billing as they come up for renewal.


3. Server type based license

Additionally, the cPanel license depends on the type of server too. Some licenses are particularly for the cloud server and others for the Dedicated Server. Moreover, each license is predefined to run on a specific type of server.

Thus, an Admin license that can support 5 accounts will not work on your Dedicated server. Such Cloud Licenses with lower limits will work only on cloud servers. For the Dedicated server environment, you will need to use the Metal Licenses.


What decides the actual cPanel license cost?

In all ways, price rise easily disturbs the economic stability of any hosting provider. Naturally, they lookout for ways to reduce it. But, this depends on many factors. Let’s now check the primary factors that our Migration Engineers consider before arriving at a strategy.


1. Number of accounts

Indeed, the number of accounts has priority while determining the license type. This again depends on the purpose of the server. For instance, when you just need the server to develop a few applications, the Solo license works for you. But, that is not the case when you have a shared server where you have 500 websites on the server. This requires Premier licenses or even a Partner program.


2. Type of server

Coming up next, the license also depends on the type of server too.

Do you wish to have your domains on a Dedicated Server or Cloud platform?

The answer to this question matters much while choosing the cPanel license. For customers who plan to start with few accounts and later add in more accounts, we suggest the use of cloud servers. But for existing customers with a fixed number of accounts, a Dedicated server will be the right option.


3. Your customer base

Finally, the type of customers on the server also has an impact on reducing the cPanel costs.

CPanel offers a fairly good set of features for end-users. When the users on the server are well-versed with almost all the options, migration to another control panel can be tedious. Fortunately, when users have enough know-how, the learning curve will be easy too. Thus, our Migration Engineers always assess the customer base before suggesting tips to save license costs.


How to make cPanel license cost economical?

Ok. I can’t move to another panel. What are my options to reduce cPanel license cost economical?

When you do not have options to move to other panels like DirectAdmin, CentOS panel, etc. hosting server owners look for ways to reduce license costs. There are many different ways to accomplish this.

Let’s check the top methods that we suggest to our customers.


1. Get the best Partner pricing

Fortunately, cPanel offers licenses to Partners at a better pricing model. Therefore, the best bet is to get licenses from a Partner that offers the lowest price.

For instance, there is a new 50 account “Plus” package available at Partner pricing for $25/month USD. Also, cPanel provides fixed cPanel Premier Packages starting with 100 account licenses. Many partners offer discounts as part of their marketing program too.

We suggest our customers check the best pricing from our cPanel cost calculator page. This helps them to compare and reduce the costs of licenses.

A sample cost analysis for 50 accounts on different partner pricing will be:

2. Clubbing Servers

Similarly, clubbing multiple servers is yet another option to save costs. But this requires proper planning.

If you have few servers with 5 accounts each, it will be better to consolidate them into a single Premier license server. This helps to host 100 accounts on the server. And, each additional account charges come to 0.2$ each.

Our Migration Engineers do iterative combinations to find out the lowest cost for each customer. We, then do the proper planning and execute the account consolidation.

[Would you like to know the lowest amount for the cPanel license? Our cPanel price calculator will help you.]



In short, reducing cPanel license cost involve the optimum distribution of accounts, choosing the right license provider and many more. Today, we saw how our Dedicated Engineers work out and get the most cost-effective cPanel pricing for our customers.


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