December 7, 2018

With this acquisition, ConnectWise seeks to educate, support and consult managed security providers in the delivery of cybersecurity services.

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ConnectWise have revealed that they will be taking their first major step in the cybersecurity market by acquiring Sienna Group for managed security services. With this acquisition, ConnectWise aim to educate, support and consult MSPs (Managed Service Providers) in delivering cybersecurity services to the global market.

According to ConnectWise, the urgency of deploying workloads in the cloud coupled with increasing frequency and intensity of cyber attacks has put immense pressure on MSPs to protect IT environments. They also say that it is difficult for MSPs to monitor the vulnerabilities of a large number of enterprises all at once.

By acquiring Sienna Group, ConnectWise say that they will be fortifying MSPs by providing them with a set of best practices on every aspect of cybersecurity. They say that MSPs will be educated, consulted and supported to deliver cybersecurity services to safeguard their client’s critical data.

Sienna Group say that the acquisition will allow ConnectWise to leverage the former’s years of experience in the field of cybersecurity. They say that ConnectWise will be able to expand into global markets and add more products and services to their portfolio.

Arnie Bellini, CEO at ConnectWise believes that the MSPs have a trusted relationship with their customers and they are well positioned to provide managed security services. He also claims that this deal is the first-of-its-kind and ConnectWise full continue with more acquisitions to expand their cybersecurity portfolio across the globe.

The acquisition, Sienna say, will enable ConnectWise to assess their own business’ cyber vulnerabilities and learn how to protect themselves better from the liability, when their customers are targetted by cybercriminals.

In closing, ConnectWise said that they are looking forward to working with Sienna’s team and will be restructuring their own teams at various locations. It will be interesting to see how ConnectWise performs in the managed security services market, following the launch of ‘Watchtower’ by RedLegg to detect cyber threats.


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