Cloud Computing Services SaaS PaaS IaaS


Confused on Cloud Computing Services SaaS PaaS IaaS? Let’s make it clear!

Cloud Computing is a great option to choose to accomplish your business goals.

Three main Cloud Computing Services are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

As part of our Managed Cloud Services, we help customers in choosing the right cloud computing service.

In this write-up, we’ll do an analysis of these 3 Cloud Computing Services and see what makes them unique from each other.


SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Each of these services has its own characteristics, uses, positives, and negatives. Before choosing a cloud offering for your business, you need a clear idea of these parameters.

Today, we discuss in detail on SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

cloud computing services SaaS PaaS IaaS


Let’s have a walkthrough SaaS

SaaS – Software as a Service is one of the cloud computing offerings. SaaS greatly reduces the money and time spent on tasks such as upgrading, installing and managing software.

SaaS is mainly opted by small to mid-sized businesses because It is best suited for companies that are not able to afford a large scale staff. Additionally, it works for those who can’t maintain their skilled staff for a long time.

ERP, Mail, and common office apps are highly accepted SaaS solutions. There is no need to install applications on individual computers when using SaaS as it follows a web delivery model. However, customization will be very limited in SaaS applications.

In the SaaS model, customers use the applications hosted by a third party over the internet.

SaaS will be cloud-based software hosted online by a company. We can purchase SaaS online on a subscription basis and delivered via the internet.

Popular SaaS applications include Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, and many more.


What is PaaS?

PaaS – Platform as a Service is another Cloud computing offering. PaaS functions at a lower level than the already discussed SaaS. It mainly provides a platform on which we can develop software and deploy.

Google App Engine is one of the best examples of PaaS service. PaaS makes developers free from worrying about OS, storage, software updates, etc. Thus they can concentrate more on building the software. Unlike SaaS, here the applications are customizable and the amount of coding is also less.

Simply, it is the distribution of operating systems and hardware over the internet.


Need to know about IaaS?

Now, let’s see more on IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service.

Here, the entire infrastructure comes as a service. There is no overhead of maintaining the infrastructure.

Back in the 1990s, when someone wanted to start a hosting business, things were tough. He would first find a server provider, get a server, configure it, then install his desired panel. On top of that, there comes periodic maintenance too.

But, in IaaS, everything comes prebuilt. Your infrastructure will be available in a few clicks.

One of the best example of IaaS cloud computing offering is Google Compute Engine. This GCE allows creating our own virtual machines by allocating hardware- resources like RAM, CPU, etc.

The main advantage of using IaaS by companies is that they need to pay only for what they use.

Another allowance while using IaaS is that there is no need for investment by businesses for the hardware infrastructure.


How to choose the right Cloud Service?

All three Cloud Computing services are best in their own way but choosing the best for our business depends on the user requirements. So, our Support Engineers suggest the best by analyzing the requirements and conditions of our customers in order to flourish their business.

Recently, one of our customers approached us with his plan to switch his business to the cloud. He came to us to bring in clarity on the best option for him.

He wanted both mobile and web access for his applications. Also, he did not have time for software or server issues. Moreover, he wanted quickly recoverable backups too.

To satisfy all his requirements, our Dedicated Engineers suggested him to use SaaS and assisted him to choose the best option.


[Having trouble in choosing among SaaS PaaS and IaaS? – Our Experts are available 24/7.]



In conclusion, we discussed in detail on Cloud Computing Services SaaS PaaS IaaS. As we already discussed, choosing the best among these depends on the requirements and the type of business. Also, we saw how our Support Engineers suggest the best for our customers.


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