The alliance seeks to protect Atlantic’s business-critical data by leveraging Veeam’s disaster recovery and business continuity tools.

Cloud service provider Atlantic.Net have partnered with Veeam in order to bolster the former’s business continuity prowess. As per the terms of the partnership deal, Atlantic will access data protection and recovery tools provided by Veeam whereas, Veeam will gain entrance into the markets dominated by Atlantic.Net.

According to Atlantic.Net, enterprises relying on cloud services face issues with respect to protecting sensitive data not only from cyber attacks but also disasters. They say that unforeseen circumstances call for preliminary action and having a data recovery mechanism in place is a must.

By partnering with Veeam, Altantic.Net believe that they can access the former’s wide range of business continuity and data recovery tools to protect a large amount of data. They further added that this partnership will enhance their intelligent data management capabilities and garner trust within their customer segments.

Veeam say that their Veeam Availability Suite delivers hyper-availability for all kinds of workloads like virtual, physical and cloud from a single management console. Since disaster recovery and replication have become of prime essence in the cloud industry, enterprises are looking to boost their data and recuperation capabilities.

Marty Puranik, CEO of Atlantic.Net believes that the alliance will better the security prowess of their client’s data in the event of data loss or recovery. He claims that the partnership will allow easy access to Veeam’s tools and facilitate a profitable business relationship for both entities.

Veeam are excited with this alliance and are looking forward to working with Atlantic’s team. They say that they will be inducting Atlantic into Veeam’s VCSP (Veeam Cloud Service Provider) partner program and see to it that they meet the data protection challenges faced by customers.

In closing, Atlantic.Net revealed that with this alliance they will be taking their first step into fortifying their digital transformation vision for 2019. It will be interesting to see how Veeam help Atlantic.Net reach their business goals, following their alliance with RapidScale to boost cloud storage.


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