An additional category (“other”) was used to recognize cues one violate often brand new Proportion otherwise Popularity Standing (Battison, 1978)

An additional category (“other”) was used to recognize cues one violate often brand new Proportion otherwise Popularity Standing (Battison, 1978)

Cues have been coded utilising the five Signal Systems explained because of the Battison (1978): one-given, two-handed and you may symmetrical or changing, two-passed asymmetrical with the exact same hands arrangement, as well as 2-passed asymmetrical with various give setup (column Air conditioning). The latest Symmetry Condition claims when the hands in an indicator disperse, additional requirement away from your hands (age.grams., venue, hand setting) should be the same, together with way should be synchronous or in 180° asynchrony. The newest Prominence updates says one inside a-two-given sign, only if one-hand moves, the latest index of non-prominent handshapes is restricted to 1 off 7 handshapes (B An excellent S step 1 C O 5). In total, sixteen signs (17 entries) broken both the newest Symmetry or Popularity standards.


Location was split up into several groups (major and you may minor), adopting the maxims out of Biggest Area and you will Slight Region proposed from the Brentari’s Prosodic Design (Brentari, 1998). The top Precise location of the prominent give relative to you manufactured four you’ll be able to viewpoints: direct, arm, trunk area, non-principal give, and you will neutral area (column Ad). However some signs-mainly compounds-are manufactured for the numerous Significant Places, our programming reflects precisely the venue at the indication beginning. Cues might not get back to the top Place (e.g., Radio is actually brought near, not holding, your face, that will be coded because which have an excellent “head” location). This new low-dominating hand was just considered the big Venue should your Indication Type try asymmetrical (i.age., if for example the low-dominant hands try fixed). The new Prosodic Design claims that for symmetric/alternating signs the advantages of your own non-principal hands are identical because those of the newest principal give.

There are five Significant Towns and cities and every Biggest Area, except neutral place, is split up into seven Lesser Towns and cities (column AE). Every 33 metropolises try placed in a unique document called “Key.csv.” Though many cues are made in several Slight Locations, the brand new programming merely has the latest Lesser Place at the signal beginning.

Picked fingertips

In line with Brentari (1998), Selected Fingertips (line AF) try identified as the group from fingertips that circulate. The fresh Chosen Hands is coded simply for the initial totally free morpheme during the substances, as well as the earliest letter of fingerspelled financing cues. In the event that not one of your own hands moved, the newest distinction between chosen hands and you can non-selected hands try unknown. In these instances, it actually was assumed that low-chose fingers need be totally discover otherwise completely closed (Brentari, 1998). If an individual set of fingers is actually neither fully longer neither fully flexed, this group out-of hands was noticed chose. In case your ambiguity was still not fixed, this new Chose Fingertips was indeed those people that checked foregrounded. The fresh new flash is never ever coded as a specified thumb unless it try the actual only real picked finger in the sign.


Brand new selected fingertips was basically tasked certainly 9 quantities of bending on Prosodic Design (Brentari, 1998). Flexion of your own chosen fingers was only coded in the signal start (line AG). The initial eight degrees of bending (coded due to the fact step 1–7) more or less map on to a keen ordinal level out-of growing flexion (1 = completely prolonged), as well as the last a couple of amounts of flexion is “stacked” (flexion of your selected hands differs as with the latest fingerspelled page “K”) and you may “crossed” (the fresh hands convergence as in the fingerspelled letter “R”).


The path of motion of prominent hands through x-y-z space is actually coded just for one kind of course (column AH). Three categories (arch, circular, and you can straight) corresponded with the “highway function” regarding Brentari (1998). A 4th group, “forward and backward,” is similar to the “zigzag” path on the HamNoSys program (Hanke, 2004), and was utilized so you can password cues which have movements one to alter instructions 180° at least one time (age.g., Impossible, Tubing, TIME) and you will cues which have multiple direction transform from lower than 180° provided the position of any guidelines change and period of the brand new part is the identical (e.g., Bleaching, Serpent, DOLPHIN). Footnote 3 Signs in the place of a road path were coded while the “nonelizabeth” (age.grams., Apple provides a wrist-flexing motion, but zero street way). Due to the fact path motions was in fact restricted to those in that give alter reputation in the x-y-z area, hands rotation and you can internal moves weren’t coded since the movement. In the event each other form of path are essential phonological qualities, these people were not coded as his or her discriminant electricity appears to be less than the new six phonological features found in ASL-LEX. Yet not, we plan to tricky the present phonological transcriptions in the future to simply take alot more okay-grained variations ranging from cues. Signs you to definitely did not fit some of these kinds or one to integrated multiple roadway course was coded since “othelizabethr” (age.grams., Cancellation keeps a few distinctive line of straight roadway motions). The duration of this new direction was neglected (we.age., a level course would be brief (e.g., ZERO) or much time (age.grams., NORTH). The prices presented here portray the direction of your earliest free morpheme of your own signal.

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