January 8, 2019

The acquisition aims to improve Akamai’s position in the market as a provider of threat security and superior web experiences.

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Edge platform security provider Akamai Technologies have acquired Janrain to fortify access identity and bot protection capabilities. With this acquisition, Akamai will be integrating Janrain’s identity protection prowess into their edge security platform to boost their position in the market as a threat protection and superior web experience facilitator.

According to Akamai, cyber security is the order of the day with increasing number of virus, malware and bot attacks on a daily basis. With this scenario, Akamai say that improving security access control becomes a must.

With the acquisition of Janrain, Akamai say that they will be able to protect customer login pages from cyber attacks. They also say that Janrain’s Bot Manager will help enterprises detect the activities of malignant bots and make enterprises ‘identity aware’.

John Summers, VP & CTO at Akamai claims that the addition of Bot Manager and access identity into Akamai’s edge platform will leave no scope for compromise when it comes to cyber protection. He also believes that this integration will pave the way for increased accuracy in mitigating identity fraud.

In closing, neither of the two companies disclosed financial details of the deal. It will be interesting to see how Akamai make the most of this deal, following Radware’s acquisition of ShieldSquare to boost the former’s cloud security portfolio.

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