The alliances made with football clubs Manchester City and Liverpool seek to strengthen the clubs’ IT prowess, making them digital powerhouses.

English football clubs Manchester City and Liverpool have signed storage and security deals with Acronis and NordVPN respectively. As per the terms of the deal, Manchester City aims to leverage Acronis’ data and recovery prowess to build insights whereas, NordVPN seeks to secure and protect the online activity of users accessing WiFi at the stadium.

According to Acronis, data has gained prominence ever since it can be leveraged to gain insights. They say that this data also needs to be supported by recovery tools in order to ensure that it remains with the organization/enterprise in case of natural disasters.

By partnering with Acronis, Manchester City say that they can store enterprise files and sync it with their system to gain insight into the large-scale data they have in terms of video files. They say that this data is critical while competing with rival clubs on the pitch or off the pitch and is perfectly suited for high pressure and digitally intensive environments.

John Zanni, President of Acronis says that they are extremely happy to partner with a club that believes in competing at the highest standard. He claims that their storage and data recovery solution will provide Manchester City with all the information they require across various verticals and help them take the club to the next level.

Parallely, Liverpool’s deal with NordVPN seeks to offer global fans with enhanced web security solutions to protect their online activities across the stadium as they use WiFi services. With this, NordVPN becomes the official cybersecurity partner of Liverpool and will help the club secure confidential data of their fans.

Billy Hogan, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer at Liverpool F.C., believes that since the number of cyber attacks is increasing year-on-year, having an extra layer of security will always help.

By facilitating a fast virtual private network, NordVPN say that they will safeguard all the data that belongs to the club’s fans at the stadium. In addition to this, they claim that this security service will be provided to any device, anywhere and anytime.

Industry analysts say that more enterprises in the storage and security market are likely to start tapping into the sports segment with this development. It will be interesting to see the turn of events, following Pure Storage’s launch of cloud data services to boost their hybrid prowess.


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